Supercar Life
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Supercar Life Fantasy Camp

The founders of Supercar Life decided on a new business model and bought their own fleet of imported, insanely overpowered brawn, dropping $2 million in the process. (Supercar Life)
Lamborghini Gallardos are included in the fleet. For just under five grand, clients get breakfast, a brief class in high-speed driving, and then buckle in and put pedal to metal. (Supercar Life)
Drivers steered Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes and Aston Martins around the track. They flirted with 140 mph, then staggered out with legs trembling and grins on their mugs. (Supercar Life)
The Supercar Life entourage -- professional race car drivers, hostesses and a group of crack mechanics, plus two of each supercar -- travel the country seeking to cure everyday motorists’ high-torque itch. (Supercar Life)