Consumer Confidential: David Lazarus

Recent columns by Times' business columnist David Lazarus.

Is CVS rewards program complying with California law?

CVS Caremark's ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program is unclear about how patients' medical information will be used.

Tired of cable TV disputes, bills? More are cutting the cord

One Time Warner Cable subscriber, who left over its dispute with CBS, found setting up a high-definition antenna easy.

Up a tree over dead cat's health plan

Curbing our need for oil

Utilities have no incentive to scrap pension plans

While most other private companies have accepted that traditional pension plans are unsustainable and have switched workers to 401(k) accounts, utilities can offload all financial risk to ratepayers.

Too much contact at this Reunion

Alito's moment

ZIP Code still a factor in auto insurance

Things are looking up -- at the pawn shop

'Smart meters' may soon be outdated

Trump spins in foreclosure game

Mortgage payoff on steroids

Airline descends to a new low: a death fee

The joke is on cellphone users

Cellphones may do a number on Cuba

Best Buy kiosks not connected to Internet

Firms round up; we pay the price

Columnist roots for Microsoft. Huh??

Shadow victims of the mortgage crisis: renters

Insurance claims could haunt houses

Housing upheaval: a tale of two homes

Free news online will cost journalism dearly

Insurers taking risk out of the equation

Cellphones to keep track of your purchases -- and you

Next cell trend lets users hold the phone

Trump's a grump about column on his 'priceless' tips

Locked in a cell: Wireless users punished for canceling early

Cost is the real drug threat