Stouffer’s, brought to you by Nestle
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How much do you know about frozen food?

Stouffer’s, brought to you by Nestle
Stouffer’s, owned by Swiss food giant Nestle, had 27% of the frozen dinner market in 2012, Euromonitor reports. Nestle’s headquarters are in Vevey, Switzerland.  (Associated Press)
Marie Callender’s -- not made by Marie Callender’s
Marie Callender’s frozen meals own 9.1% of the market. The meals are produced not by Marie Callender’s Restaurants but by Omaha-based ConAgra Foods.  (ConAgra)
Healthy Choice has a healthy market share
ConAgra’s brands include Healthy Choice, packaged in green-and-white boxes. Healthy Choice has 9% of the frozen dinner market. (ConAgra)
Heinz isn’t just ketchup
Weight Watchers frozen meals, produced by Pittsburgh-based Heinz, have 7.9% of the market. (Heinz)
Banquet, another ConAgra brand
Banquet, another ConAgra brand, wins 7.7% of the market with its recognizable red packaging. (Associated Press)