Beverly Hills site of Stinking Rose hits market for $18.3 million

The Stinking Rose restaurant in Beverly Hills.
(Robert Landau )

There’s an $18-million investment opportunity available in Beverly Hills that, frankly, reeks.

The Stinking Rose restaurant building on La Cienega Boulevard’s famed Restaurant Row is for sale for nearly $18.3 million, according to real estate brokerage Conroy Commercial.

Perhaps the first thing visitors notice about the Stinking Rose is the odor of garlic. The staple of Mediterranean cuisine is used in practically every dish, including garlic-roasted prime rib, garlicky ravioli and -- for the love of Gilroy -- garlic ice cream.

Owner Fain Walker wants to sell the 13,500-square-foot restaurant at 55 N. La Cienega that was completed in 1947 and was once home to Lawry’s The Prime Rib. The famed steakhouse long ago moved to 100 N. La Cienega.


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The Stinking Rose building is on a 38,500-square-foot lot that hasn’t changed hands for nearly 70 years and is ripe for development, according to Conroy Commercial. The future of the restaurant that likes to joke that it serves food with its garlic is unclear.

Even though a Times reviewer dismissed the restaurant when it opened in nearly two decades ago, the flagrantly fragrant eatery continues to draw diners.

“The restaurant is memorable, all right. Memorable for what it does to innocent garlic,” Times reviewer S. Irene Virbila wrote in 1995. “If they continue doing what they’re doing, they’ll keep more than just vampires away.”


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