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Where to see the bad stuff

Excerpts from the Parents Television Council report:

“24” was the most violent non-animated series, with 28 instances of violence per hour. (Kelsey McNeal / Fox)
Friday Night Lights
Foul language example:

Herc: “Well the poor bastard has Lou Gering’s disease.”

Jason tells Herc that he thinks Lyla might be sleeping with his best friend.

Herc: “You’re going to look at that son of a bitch in the eye and you [will] see what is up.”

“Friday Night Lights,” NBC, 11/14/06 (Bill Records / NBC Universal, Inc.)
Meredith and her friends talk about the fact that Larry is having an affair with his assistant and perhaps his medical condition is his punishment. Christina reminds Meredith that she and Derek are still unscathed after their affair while Derek was still married.

Meredith: “Talk about divine retribution.”

Izzie: “What?”

Meredith: “He sleeps with his assistant and a carnivorous fish lodges itself in his penis. That’s instant karma if I’ve ever seen it.”

Christina: “Yeah well Derek wasn’t struck by lightning and neither were you.”

Meredith: “Addison showed up. I had months of pain and self loathing. Crazy ranting mother and a near drowning off the side of a dock. It’s certainly no fish in my hoo-hoo, but it’s certainly not an easy ride.”

Christina: “Yeah well I’ve cheated on my boyfriends and I’m fine. Am I the only one?”

“Grey’s Anatomy” 4/26/07 (Scott Garfield / ABC)
The Class
Sexual content example: Kat and her boyfriend, Benjamin, are outside of Ellie’s apartment kissing. When they finish, Kat says, “Let’s go.” Benjamin then starts adjusting his pants. Kat says,

Kat: “You need a minute?” (She motions to his crotch or pants pocket area.)

Benjamin: “That was my cell phone.”

Kat: “Oh, well I’m kind of embarrassed for what I was doing to it. Might have just made a call.”

“The Class,” CBS 2/5/07 (Robert Voets / CBS)
My Name Is Earl
“My Name is Earl” had the most foul language with 16.33 instances per hour. (Mitch Haddad / 20th Century Fox)
“American Dad” had the highest frequency of objectionable content with 52 instances per hour. (FOX)
Prison Break
Violence example:

A man holds Sarah hostage in a hotel room and tortures her. He threatens her with a hot iron and repeatedly holds her head under water, partially drowning her each time.

“Prison Break,” 11/13/06 (Jeremy Cowart / Fox)
“The War at Home” had the highest frequency of sexual content of any program with 33 instances per hour. (FOX)
The Simpsons
“The Simpsons” had 30 instances of violence per hour. (FOX)
“7th Heaven” was the cleanest scripted series overall with 1.75 instances of objectionable content per hour. (Paul McCallum / The CW)