Google’s Android has 50.1% share of smartphone market, study says


If you are one of the 104 million people in the U.S. who own a smartphone, chances are it’s running Google Android, ComScore said in a report released Tuesday.

ComScore’s report focused on mobile use for the three months ending in February.

After surveying more than 30,000 mobile phone subscribers, the company found that Google has continued to grow its share in the U.S. market with 50.1% of all smartphone subscribers using an Android-based phone. In November, Android had 46.9% of the market share.

Apple came in a distant second with 30.2% of the smartphone market, followed by Research in Motion-- makers of the once ubiquitous Blackberry phone -- which dropped to 13.4%.


ComScore’s report also looked at the top manufacturers of mobile devices, including smartphones and non-smart phones.

Samsung captured 25.6% of the market, with LG coming in second with 20.5%. Apple has 13.5% of the market, but that number rose from 11.2% in November.

As for how people are using their mobile phones, ComScore found increases in texting (74.8%, up from 72.6% in November), downloading of apps (49.5%, up from 44.9% in November) and Web browsing (49.2%, up from 44.9% in November).

More people are using social networking sites, playing games and listening to music on their phones, too.

The takeaway: It’s a mobile world, people. Get used to it.


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