Barnes & Noble cuts Nook Tablet prices


Barnes & Noble Inc. has dropped the prices of its signature Nook Tablet ahead of a reportedly updated version of the device set to be released in late September.

The field for mobile and digital devices has become increasingly competitive. On Sunday, the book retailer announced that its 8-gigabyte Nook Tablet would now be sold for $179, a $20 reduction. It’s 16-gigabyte Nook Tablet will cost $199, a $50 drop. And the Nook Color device will now sell for $149, a drop of $20.

All of the devices include a 7-inch display and provide digital content, including e-books. The Nook Tablet was introduced in November as an answer to Amazon Kindle Fire and Kobo Vox tablets and offers books, movies and television shows.


The price reductions for the Nook products follow a sales special in July that offered the 16-gigabyte Nook with a $50 coupon that could be applied toward e-book purchases as well as apps, accessories and other items.

A previous report by CNET indicated that Barnes & Noble is expected to launch a new Nook Tablet in late September with updated screen technology. Read more about that here.


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