Google hints at another flight, debuts Chrome for iPhone, iPad

People attending Google's annual developers' conference in San Francisco
(Mathew Sumner / Getty Images)
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Google I/O, the tech giant’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco, is all abuzz over another Sergey Brin-pioneered flight.

OnGoogle+, Brin posted to stay tuned at 11 a.m. for “some amazing action over San Francisco.”

Meanwhile, something else is also soaring, according to Google: Its Chrome browser.

The company announced that the browser can now be used to surf the Web on the iPhone and the iPad.


Chrome is now the world’s most popular browser, the company says, by nearly doubling from 160 million to 310 million active users since last year.

Google is eying mobile for the next major growth spurt. It’s predicting that every person on the planet will eventually have 2.5 network connections.

So Google is also looking to colonize Apple devices. It’s rolling out Chrome for the iPhone and iPad Thursday in the app store.


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