California gas prices still at record level on eve of holiday

The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline has fallen 89.9 cents since hitting a record on Oct. 9, but fuel prices remain at record levels for the day before Thanksgiving.
(Frederic J. Brown / AFP/Getty Images)

How bad was California’s record gasoline price spike last month?

So bad that even after falling by 89.9 cents a gallon from the record $4.671 set on Oct. 9, the state’s average is still at a record level one day before the start of the long Thanksgiving weekend.


The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in California is $3.772, down an additional 6.9 cents a gallon since last week, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

That’s still higher than the old record for today: $3.764, set last year.

Record prices also remain in Southern California, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Weekend Gas Watch, which was released a day early because of the holiday.

The average price of regular gasoline in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area is $3.825 per gallon, which is 6.1 cents less than last week, 66 cents lower than last month, and 5 cents more than last year.

In Orange County, the average price is $3.783, down 5.3 cents from last week, 67.3 cents lower than a month ago, and 2.7 cents above last year.

On the Central Coast, the average price is $3.891, down 7.9 cents from last week, 62 cents lower than a month ago, and 5 cents above last year.

In the Inland Empire, the average per gallon price is $3.787, down 5.1 cents from last week, 68 cents lower than last month, and 1 cent more than last year.

In San Diego, the price is $3.796, 5 cents below last week, 65 cents below last month, and 3 cents higher than last year.

But with prices still falling, it will pay to shop around for the best deal.

“The good news is that gas prices have backed down by about 90 cents from the new records set in October,” said Auto Club spokesperson Jeffrey Spring.

“Motorists should look for prices that are near or below $3.60 a gallon for regular unleaded to ensure they are getting the lowest price,” he said.


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