Highest-paid interns are at tech, oil firms, not on Wall Street

Think Wall Street interns are the best paid? Think again.

A recent survey by Glassdoor.com found that the highest-paid interns work for technology and oil companies.

Taking the top spot is VMWare, a Palo Alto company that specializes in cloud computing. Its interns earn a monthly base pay of $6,704.

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Assuming an intern works 40 hours a week, that translates to about $39 an hour. Not too shabby.

Interns at EBay, the online auction retailer, were the next best paid, making $6,500 a month.

Exxon Mobil Corp. rounded out the top three; the company pays its interns about $6,268 a month.

The rest are as follows:

4. Facebook Inc.: $6,084

5. Google Inc.: $5,891

6. LinkedIn Corp.: $5,866

7. Adobe Systems Inc.: $5,861

8. Microsoft Corp.: $5,847

9. ConocoPhillips: $5,607

10. Amazon Inc.: $5,436


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