SXSW: What ‘like’ button? Share what you hate with Hater app


AUSTIN, Texas -- Haters, we think you’re going to like this.

The Hater app launched Friday and was one of several start-ups featured at South by Southwest’s Start-up Village during the conference’s opening day.

The concept is simple: For those of you who are sick of only getting to “like” something on Facebook and other social networks, now there’s an app specifically for all the things you can’t stand.

“You share the things you hate with the people you love,” said Jake Banks, chief executive of Hater. “It’s basically like Instagram for everything you hate.”


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So what are people hating on? A quick scroll through the app’s popular “hates” turned up traffic, long lines, the Lakers’ disappointing season and people taking pictures of themselves making “duck faces” -- illustrated by a photo of Kim Kardashian with her lips in an exaggerated pout.

Users have their own stream and can upload or take photos of things they dislike. A trending page shows popular “hates,” and users can search through others’ photos for mutual hated items.

Hater launched as a free iOS app; Banks said the Venice company plans to release an Android version in the next two months or so.

Banks, a commercials director, said the app is a side project that he’s boot-strapping on his own. Hater currently has six employees.

“It’s something that’s missing out there,” he said. “Everyone has something they hate, even my mom.”



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