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György Nagy and Ildikó Szekeres’ Bel Air mansion

The Mediterranean-style mansion holds six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, including a master suite with a gym, sauna and ocean-view balcony.

The grand foyer. (Juwan Li)
The formal dining room. (Juwan Li)
The living room. (Juwan Li)
The center-island kitchen. (Juwan Li)
The kitchen windows. (Juwan Li)
The master bedroom. (Juwan Li)
The master suite sitting room. (Juwan Li)
The palatial master bathroom. (Juwan Li)
The terrace. (Juwan Li)
The backyard with a swimming pool. (Juwan Li)
The exterior. (Juwan Li)
The three garages. (Juwan Li)
The sauna. (Juwan Li)
The gym. (Juwan Li)
The master closet. (Juwan Li)
A guest bedroom. (Juwan Li)
A guest bedroom. (Juwan Li)
The exterior at night. (Juwan Li)