Hot Property | Historic apartment rentals | The Commodore
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Hot Property | Historic apartments get a new lease on life

Apartments steeped in history are revived with a modern tenant: millennial creatives who don’t stay for long. Others are left outside looking in.

The Wilshire Skyline team uncovered the original stone 1920s fireplace that had been hidden beneath layers of white lead paint at the Commodore. (Mark Singer Photography)
The Commodore of Hollywood’s welcoming lobby lounge pays homage to the era in which the building was built with vintage furniture pieces and historic accents. (Mark Singer Photography)
As a way to complement the historic nature of the 1920s Commodore, Wilshire Skyline focused on accentuating the details that make the building unique, such as the once-concealed ornate entry portico. (Mark Singer Photography)
The beams are painted at Villa Carlotta.  (Villa Carlotta)
The developer wanted to retain as many of the original details as possible in the lobby area of Villa Carlotta. (Jason Speth / CGI Strategies)
The newly revamped Villa Carlotta is a designated Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument. (Jason Speth / CGI Strategies)