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Wallace Beery’s onetime home | Hot Property

The restored and updated Streamline Moderne-style home, designed by architect William Kesling, was built in the 1930s for Oscar winner Wallace Beery.

Clerestories and bands of windows keep the living spaces nice and bright. (Adam Latham)
The house features strong horizontal lines and wing-like pergola gates. (Adam Latham)
A period fireplaces anchors a far wall in the living room. (Adam Latham)
The dining area sits between the kitchen and living room. (Adam Latham)
The living room. (Adam Latham)
Television producer Michael Taylor, who previously owned the property, redid the grounds with drought-tolerant landscaping. (Adam Latham)
A dining patio creates space for outdoor entertaining. (Adam Latham)
A bedroom. (Adam Latham)
The house has three bedrooms. (Adam Latham)
A bedroom. (Adam Latham)
A bedroom. (Adam Latham)