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Whoopi Goldberg’s former Pacific Palisades home

Built in 1933, the Streamline Moderne-style home holds six bedrooms and seven bathrooms in just over 7,000 square feet.

The interior. (Jeff Ong)
The foyer. (Jeff Ong)
The kitchen. (Jeff Ong)
The family room. (Jeff Ong)
The living room. (Jeff Ong)
The dining room. (Jeff Ong)
The wet bar. (Jeff Ong)
The master bedroom. (Jeff Ong)
The rounded lounge. (Jeff Ong)
The yard. (Jeff Ong)
The pool. (Jeff Ong)
The ivy-covered exterior. (Jeff Ong)
The entry. (Jeff Ong)
The 1930s home. (Jeff Ong)
Aerial view of the home. (Jeff Ong)