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Hot Property | When neighbors can’t agree on historic designation

Los Angeles adopted its Historic Preservation Overlay Zone ordinance in 1979; the historic districts now number 35, harboring 21,000 properties.


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 Generally, groups of homes within a neighborhood need to be built during a “period of significance,” such as from 1905-1941, to become HPOZ-worthy.


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At contention in the Holmsby-Westwood neighborhood: 1,044 properties, 62% of which were deemed Period Revival architecture built from 1925 to 1959.

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The proposed Holmby-Westwood HPOZ.

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“The fears about HPOZs are way out of proportion to the reality,” said Adrian Scott Fine, director of advocacy at the L.A. Conservancy.


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Fears about property values are more common for historic zones proposed in wealthier areas, which can be correspondingly more contentious.

 (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)