My Favorite Room: Bridgid Coulter opens up about her spacious spot for entertaining

As a longtime television actress, Bridgid Coulter knows a thing or two about the limelight.

But she also relishes her other role as interior designer, recently renovating the Venice Beach home she shares with longtime partner Don Cheadle and their two daughters, Tai and Imani.

Originally a cozy bungalow of just 800 square feet, the home was completely transformed by Coulter, owner of the Santa Monica-based Bridgid Coulter Design, who vaulted the interiors while adding a second level and a rooftop deck. The space is now “eclectic, modern, global and a little chic,” she said.


Her favorite room in the two-story contemporary home, on the market for $2.45 million, is the open-concept living room.

Why is this your favorite room?

There are so many reasons! I love a great big, open room — and we love to entertain. I feel like this is a space where you can be comfortably chill. And I love the views from this room. You can see the kitchen and the architecture of the staircase. I just find it visually interesting.

Do you have a design secret?

I’m addicted to rugs. These are from JH Minassian at the Pacific Design Center. He does beautiful rugs, and I use them on a lot of projects. They are new but made to look old. They ground the space, and I like to design around them.

Tell me about your design elements.

The vintage wine barrels are from Big Daddy’s, and the oars and coffee table are from Venice Vintage. The wall colors are Benjamin Moore Calm and Benjamin Moore Stone — I use that quite often. The dining room chairs are Emco’s 111 Navy chairs, and they’re made from recycled plastic bottles.

Coulter loves the staircase she created in her home in Venice.
Coulter loves the staircase she created in her home in Venice.
(Christina House/For The Times )

What are you most proud of in this space?

The staircase. I learned so much and spent a lot of time on it. It was not easy, but it was worth it.

Does Don have influence on the home set?

He does have input. He loves modern more than vintage, but he trusts how I put it together. At one point I was really into beachy-looking wood, and he said, “Honey, can we get one piece of furniture that doesn’t look like it washed up on a beach?” He has a great sense of style and great ideas.

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What advice would you give to someone looking to create a favorite room of their own?

Don’t live in a boring room because you think it’s safe. Live in a room you feel at home in, and be brave. Someone might look at this and think it’s a hot mess, but that’s OK. It’s not going to fit everybody. Design it for you.

Why is interior design important work?

I’m not a rocket scientist; I’m not solving world peace — but I’m helping create inner peace. If your space is your sanctuary and you feel good, you walk out into the world with a smile and you know you have this safe place to come home to. Home is tribal, and it is really at our core.


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