My Favorite Room: Heather Dubrow’s closet is always ready for a ‘Champagne emergency’


As big as a studio apartment, Heather Dubrow’s closet is so spacious that it’s become a gathering place in her Orange County mansion.

“At most parties, everyone ends up in the kitchen. But when we entertain, everyone ends up in my closet,” said Dubrow, 48. “There’s music in there, and the room is attached to my beauty salon. So it is a really fun area.”

So fun, in fact, that there’s even a personal Champagne call button — which the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star uses to request refreshments from the kitchen.


“I need that call button in case there’s a Champagne emergency in the closet,” Dubrow said. “When I had it installed, [my husband] Terry said, ‘When it rings in the kitchen, who’s going to bring the Champagne?’ And I looked at him and said, ‘You.’”

The 400-square-foot style sanctuary is her favorite room in the eight-bedroom, 22,000-square-foot Newport Coast home that the actress, television personality and author shares with her husband and their four children. She films “Heather’s Closet,” her YouTube series, from the closet.

What makes the closet special?

It’s my favorite room because it is mine. It’s the one place in the house that I can literally drown the world out. There are no windows, so it’s incredibly private.

Besides getting dressed and sipping Champagne, what else do you use the space for?

My daughter and I just took up the ukulele, so I come in here and practice. I play dress-up with my things. It’s where I start and end my day.

Describe the aesthetic.

Modern. Black and white. It looks like a Chanel store. I have everything behind glass.

Where do you find furnishings?

Everywhere. This is difficult to believe, but I don’t go to stores and shop. I hate that. It takes too much time. I don’t like looking through things. I like shopping online. And if I can get something at Chanel or Amazon, I will.

Any favorite pieces of furniture or special items?

I have two Milo Baughman leather chairs from Restoration Hardware. They are beautiful, very modern. I have a collection of black and crystal obelisks that I love.

Do you have any design tips for space-challenged style lovers?

Get a collapsible rolling rack that slides under your bed. It will give you extra closet space when you need it and makes it easier to select and pack outfits when traveling. You can take it out, set it up and see your clothes; it is easy to forget what you have in the closet.

Get a cover for it, and rotate your clothes; leave the covered rack in the garage, and put your off-season clothes on the rack to make more room in your regular closet.

Biggest closet design expense?

I like to think the most expensive thing in the closet is me, but the biggest splurge was the custom mirror. It cost about $20,000.


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