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Need decorating pizazz? Rethink accent walls.

An updated accent wall is an easy decorating project that can quickly refresh your home’s style.
Living Space

It used to be that accent walls were merely a different colored wall behind a sofa or a bed. But accent walls have changed, and they’re used in new ways to create a stylish and unique look that goes well past simple color. If you’ve been looking for a way to freshen up the decor around your home, maybe it’s time to rethink this decorative standby. With today’s new designs, a new and improved accent wall may be just what your house needs.

New takes

Once upon a time, an accent wall meant a simple color pulled from a rug or piece of upholstery so as to blend in with the furnishings in the room. Turn that idea on its ear by making your accent wall one that can stand on its own. One highly designed wallpaper is all you need to create a focal point behind the sofa. Besides being a decorative draw, adding a pattern or strong design is one way to make a smaller room look larger.

There’s also a new take on bathrooms. Once upon a time, miles and miles of tile hit the mark. Now, bathrooms are crying out for something besides an ocean of one type of tile with a small accent piece. Instead, create a highly designed bathroom by adding a graphic tile in just the shower, for example. This turns your shower into a showpiece.


The “fifth wall” is another great location to add some attention. Look at adding texture on the ceiling to give your room some interest and freshness. By the same token, floors can just as easily be turned into an accent piece. Highly graphical mosaic or cement tiles are packed with style and design and make a great way to introduce a punch of decor. Look, too, at hallways and foyers. More than just pass-through areas, give these spots a chance to make a statement.

Accent on texture

Like living rooms, bedrooms often merely were a place to slap a coat of paint up and call it an accent wall. Take this a step further by creating a textured wall behind the bed. Using textured wallboards, you can make your bedroom, and bed, really stand out from the design crowd. The same can be said for hallways, stairwells and living rooms. Shiplap, board and batten, tile, wallpaper and beadboard all make interesting choices for accent walls. Try painting a tin or anaglypta wallpaper to bring both texture and a raised relief, while adding color.

Take a hint from Las Vegas hotels with an oversized upholstered wall behind your bed. It will look luxurious, add some sound insulation and really create a standout look.


Let’s also not forget murals. Large-scale, high-impact wall murals that add an artistic flair are a far cry from the forest and beach scenes of yesteryear. Look online at or Murals are one continuous pattern versus the repeating pattern of wallpaper, and they look updated in today’s designs. For fans of florals, it’s hard to find more beautiful murals than

Give your walls a second glance. An updated accent wall is an easy decorating project that can quickly refresh your home’s style.

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