Back to the office: Bracing for the return of in-person work

Illustration of a worker in an office with a Post-It saying "BRB" on a computer and a sign saying "Maintain Social Distance."
Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis for business story about workers working from home not ready to go back into the office after the pandemic.
(Stephanie DeAngelis / For The Times)

After more than a year of Zooming from home, some companies are beginning to bring employees back to the office. Work is going to feel very different.

Some employees hope that a year of remote work will lead to greater flexibility and fewer commutes. Others can’t wait to return to their cubicles to see colleagues and get out of the house. Companies are weighing the risks and rewards of bringing employees back — and few are charting the exact same course.

Here’s what you need to know about returning to the office.

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