Here are some side hustles in film, coaching and more

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Filmmaker Ava DuVernay, shown at the Los Angeles headquarters of her company Array, launched Array Crew in 2021 to improve diversity in the film and television industry.
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Four new side hustle platforms reviewed this week offer gigs in film, coaching, marketing and hospitality.

It’s worth noting that demand in these fields is exceptionally strong right now, so it’s an excellent time to find a side gig.

Array Crew

Hundreds of people work behind the scenes in the movie industry. They book and schedule talent. They create costumes, props, and sets. And they carry cameras; illuminate scenes; and fill hundreds of other roles that make magic happen on the screen.


Array Crew helps these “below-the-line” crew members get hired by connecting them with producers.

Created by writer/director Ava DuVernay, the site’s goal is to make movie sets more diverse. It features women and people of color in the industry every week, highlighting their backgrounds and strengths.

Amid entertainment’s reckoning over systemic racism, activists have launched initiatives aimed at helping marginalized film and TV talent advance.

March 24, 2021

However, anyone can sign up. The site does not discriminate against industry professionals no matter their gender, sexual orientation or color. All you need is one production credit — and that can be a personal production.

The site will verify your credentials and, if they’re legitimate, allow you to post a profile visible to hundreds of filmmakers and producers. Array Crew partners with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Disney, Apple TV, Warner Bros. and MGM.

There’s no fee to join, nor do crew members pay a commission to the site. All costs of getting gigs in film through the Array Crew platform are paid by filmmakers and producers.



GrowTal is one of an increasing number of companies that connect freelance marketing experts with companies that need them. Freelancers sign up and state their experience and niche in the marketing world — paid social media advertising or search engine optimization, for instance.

Freelancers are screened on the basis of their resume and a personal interview and case study. If you’re accepted, you’ll be invited to set your own rates and availability. The site uses artificial intelligence to match client needs with freelancer capabilities.

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If you match with a client, GrowTal will set up an online interview where you can discuss the project and evaluate whether you’re the right fit. If you’re chosen, you negotiate your rates, terms, expectations and deadlines directly with the client and the client signs a contract.

GrowTal will add a 30% commission to the client’s bill to pay the site’s fees. Freelancers get paid every two weeks via direct deposit.

One caution: The site is only two years old, so it may not have as many clients as more established competitors. Our recommendation is to sign up with GrowTal, but also post a resume on Mayple and MarketerHire.


GravyWork connects freelancers with companies and event managers who need help in hotels, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and with staffing events. Pay varies by position and the hiring entity. However, Glassdoor reported salaries ranging from $12 to $23.

Jobs offered through the site include bartending, serving, cooking and meal prep. The site also books workers to stock shelves, deliver goods, work hotel reception desks. However, GravyWork offers jobs only in a limited geographic area on the East Coast.

On the bright side, there are a number of better-established competitors in this space that operate throughout most of the country. These competitors include Qwick and Jitjatjo for hospitality work and Wonolo and BlueCrew for warehouse positions.

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Athletes Untapped connects coaches with athletes of all ages who are looking for one-on-one coaching. Coaches determine what they’re qualified to coach, set their own rates and determine where to meet the athlete.

The only upfront cost of signing up is a background check, which the site offers for $10. However, if you book a client through this site, you’ll pay a 20% commission. Coaches are paid immediately after sessions are marked complete.

But Athletes Untapped is a young site that currently operates in just three states — Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Founder Gene Williams has ambitious plans to expand nationwide. Until that happens, coaches can sign up with CoachUp and Wyzant, which operate nationwide.

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