The product: Apple III PC
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Apple’s fizzled products

Steven Stengel /">The product: Apple III PC
1980: After reports of malfunctioning equipment showed that some Apple III chips were improperly installed, Apple urged owners to drop the machines onto a flat surface from a height of several inches to ensure its integrated circuits got seated squarely in their sockets. After a few years, the machines were recalled and repaired. (Steven Stengel /
Steven Stengel /">The product: Lisa PC
1983: This computer, touted by Apple as the “Maserati for Your Mind,” was the first retail computer to include a mouse. Nonetheless, it bombed, perhaps because of the $10,000 price. (Steven Stengel /
The product: Newton tablet
1993: Apple’s first stab at tablet computing arrived -- and flopped -- a decade before its time. The Newton became a laughingstock when, at $1,000 a pop, the hand-held device couldn’t read handwriting -- its most hyped feature. (Associated Press)
The product: Pippin game console
1996: This long-forgotten game console was too slow and too expensive ($600) for consumers, and had too few games available for it. In 2006, PC World judged it one of the “25 Worst Tech Products of All Time.” (Associated Press)
The product: Power Mac G4 Cube
2000: This visually stunning 8-inch machine, packaged in a translucent white case, looked more like a sculpture than a personal computer, but suffered from a rash of problems. The machine turned itself on and off when touched at the top, which often happened by accident. Connecting cables attached awkwardly, under the Cube, and many owners complained that cracks appeared in the casing. (