Apple testing larger screens for iPhone and iPad, report says

Apple is reportedly testing larger displays for its mobile devices.
(Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

Apple is reportedly testing larger screens for its iPhone and iPad devices, looking perhaps to follow rival Samsung’s strategy.

The Cupertino mobile device maker is working with its suppliers to test iPhones with screens larger than 4 inches and an iPad with a screen that measures slightly less than 13 inches diagonally, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report cites unnamed sources at Apple’s Asian supplier partners.

During Steve Jobs’ time at the company, Apple refused to increase the size of the 3.5-inch display found on the early editions of the iPhone despite its rivals releasing devices with screens larger than 4 inches. That changed a year ago when Apple introduced the iPhone 5, which featured a 4-inch screen.


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If the new report is to be believed, it seems Apple may roll out an iPhone with a screen even larger than the one it has now and a larger-size iPad sometime after the next versions of the devices.

The report says that Apple has already begun production on the next version of the iPhone and that suppliers have been told to be ready to ship units as early as late August. It does not appear that the next iPhone will feature a screen larger than 4 inches.

The company will also begin production on the next iPad later this month, according to the report. That version of the Apple tablet will likely not feature a larger screen than the iPad’s current 9.7-inch display but it may be lighter and thinner than previous models.

Apple could not be reached for comment.


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