7 Apple rumors; which will prove true?

Apple Unveils iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 was announced last month. What’s planned for Thursday?
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Apple’s next big event is coming up Oct. 16 in Cupertino, and the tech giant is expected to let us see the baby: its latest tablet.

Apple has holiday dollar signs dancing in its head. The question is, considering we don’t toss out our tablets as frequently as our smartphones, how can the company entice us to buy?  And what else will Apple roll out?

Rumor round-up:

-- 12.9-inch screen. Extreme Tech’s Sebastian Anthony hopes that, since iPad sales have slowed over the last year, Apple might “attempt something a little more daring than just a thinner and lighter version of last year’s model.” Rumors point to a two-pronged approach a la the iPhone 6 and its Plus-size model. First comes the thinner, lighter 9.7-inch version -- with recessed volume buttons and a Touch ID sensor on the home button. (Touch ID allows users to log in to iPhones and authenticate purchases with a fingerprint instead of a passcode.)


Then comes the 12.9-inch iPad Air Plus, which could include split screen. Recent rumors from Apple’s supply chain suggest the larger iPad might not be ready until 2015.

-- Gold.  For the first time you may be able to get your iPad in gold. It could save you a trip to Dubai.

-- Special coating. The iPads might receive a new coating on the screen that makes them easier to read in sunlight.

-- OS X Yosemite. Apple’s new operating system for its laptops and desktops has an improved search engine and notification tab. But the best part is frictionless transitioning between computers and iPhones or iPads.


-- New iMacs.  That “it’s been way too long” teaser? Got to be new Macs, right? 9 to 5 Mac predicts new iMacs with Retina Displays, faster processors, improved WiFi antennas and OS X Yosemite. The iMacs could well steal the thunder from the iPads.

-- Apple Pay. The company may reveal the launch date of its use-your-phone-like-a-credit-card system.

-- New iTunes. Among updated apps is the redesigned iTunes 12 for OS X Yosemite.

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