The rumor: Near-field communication
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Rumor roundup: The new iPhone

The rumor: Near-field communication
Some have said the iPhone will come with Near-Field Communication technology, or NFC, which lets phones connect with other phones or devices when brought near each other. Already some Android phones use NFC to work as payment devices, but the latest rumors say Apple won¿t be incorporating the technology.

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iPhone 5
A report in early September said Apple will add LTE connectivity to the next iPhone, making it the first iPhone to be 4G. If this is true, the iPhone will have faster cellular Internet speeds than its predessecors.

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iPhone 5
The next iPhone is rumored to get a dock connector that looks about half the size of the current part. Apple has never changed the iPhone¿s dock connector, but if it does, you may need new cables, such as the one above.

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Nickolay Lamm/InventHelp">The rumor: Thinner screen
A purported image of the iPhone 5, rendered based on the latest rumors.

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The rumor: iPhone 5 Liquidmetal case
Rumors in April had liquidmetal -- or metallic glass -- as a material for the next iPhone. What that means for the customer: This is tough stuff -- liquidmetal has been used in high-end sporting equipment and resists bending, scratching, denting and shattering, scientists say.

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The rumor: Mondo iOS update
In June, a week before the Worldwide Developers Conference, rumors sprouted about what Apple was packing into iOS 6. The new OS was to feature improvements to Siri, Facebook integration and a new mapping and navigation feature.

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The rumor: Earlier release for iPhone 5 -- plus that longer screen
In late May, talk was of an earlier-than-October release for the next iPhone. And the Japanese blog Macotakara shot footage of a new, longer glass screen that might belong to the iPhone 5.

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The rumor: A piece of the puzzle? Alleged iPhone 5 back cover
This time, it was the alleged back cover of the next iPhone that emerged. Made of brushed metal, it hinted at a longer, thinner iPhone. It also appears to have a new and much smaller dock connector along its bottom side, redesigned speaker grills, and a headphone jack located along the bottom.

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The rumor: iPhone 5 to get 4-inch screen
Since 2007, Apple has never messed with its 3.5-inch screen. Now, developers are happily anticipating another half-inch to be added to the sixth-generation iPhone screen.

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The rumor: Liquidmetal for the small parts
Recent talk has focused on the possible use of liquidmetal for parts of the upcoming iPhone such as the 3G sim card ejector, shown above. After all, in 2010 Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. granted Apple a perpetual license to use its technology in consumer electronics.

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The rumor: Before his death, Steve Jobs had his say on iPhone 5
In mid-May a report said that before his death Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs had a hand in the design of the upcoming iPhone. Above, Jobs shows off the new Macbook Air ultra portable laptop during his keynote speech at the 2008 MacWorld Conference & Expo.

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The rumor: iPhone 5 to get widescreen display
Apple is said to be testing two versions of the sixth-generation iPhone, both of which include a longer display that brings the smartphone near a 16:9 screen ratio.

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