Motorola to make Nexus smartphone; Asus set for tablet, reports say

Google’s next Nexus smartphone and large-sized tablet will reportedly be made by Motorola and Asus, respectively.

Google is expected to release new versions of its Nexus devices later this year, just as it did in 2012, but reports this week indicate the Mountain View, Calif., company will be switching up its manufacturing partners.

Nexus is the name of Google’s brand of Android devices; they run on an unmodified version of the mobile operating system.


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Last year, Google teamed up with LG to make the Nexus 4 smartphone. This year, though, Google will stay with its very own Motorola, according to Google+ user and blogger Taylor Wimberly. 9to5Google reports Wimberly has a solid track record after accurately reporting on a number of rumors surrounding the Moto X smartphone.

Google comes out with a new smartphone every year, and after buying Motorola not too long ago, it simply makes sense that its subsidiary would build a Nexus smartphone.

As for the successor to last year’s Nexus 10 large-sized tablet, reports that Google will leave Samsung and work with Asus to build the device.

Already, Google and Asus have worked together on the first and second versions of the popular Nexus 7 small-sized tablet. It seems that relationship will expand to Google’s 10-inch tablet, which reportedly will be ready in time for the holidays just as it was last year.

Google declined to comment on the reports.


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