Google showcases real interns ahead of ‘The Internship’ movie

Just days before Google stars in the comedy “The Internship,” the Silicon Valley giant has posted a video giving users a look at the experience some of their real interns have.

Google and its internship program serve as the backdrop for the film, which is set to release Friday and stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as down-on-their-luck watch salesmen who turn to Google for a midlife career change.

This summer, Google will hire 1,500 interns from a pool of 40,000 candidates, but the film is expected to pique the interest of working at Google for even more people. And Google is ready for them.

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The company this week posted a YouTube video that chronicles the first week for five of their 2013 interns. The video, which can be seen above, gives viewers a glimpse at Google’s headquarters and shows them some of the activities interns go through when they first get to the company.

“Heard about the movie The Internship? Now you can follow five real interns during their first week as Nooglers,” Google says on YouTube (Noogler is the term used to refer to new Googlers, in case you’re wondering).

The interns talk about their interests, why they wanted to intern at Google and what they’ll be working on at the company.

But along with the video, the company also included a link to a website where users can get more information about internships, jobs at the company and how to go applying for them. It seems Google can’t get enough employees.


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