‘Foretold’ podcast: Can a fortuneteller change her future?

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Paulina Stevens grew up in an insular Romani American family, destined to leave school, marry young and become a fortuneteller. By 17, her fate was sealed — until she decided to leave it all behind.

The “Foretold” podcast follows Paulina as she navigates the consequences of her decision to leave her community and redefine her identity. Hosted by Los Angeles Times reporter Faith Pinho, “Foretold” will take you past the neon “psychic” signs and trendy tarot cards to unravel myths and stereotypes that have followed the Romani people for centuries.

“Foretold” is a limited series. Find all nine episodes below and follow wherever you get your podcasts.

Roma wheel in red

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May 9, 2023

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April 8, 2023

‘Foretold,’ a new podcast from the L.A. Times, premieres on April 11.

April 3, 2023