Melinda Doolittle
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‘American Idol’ Season 6 contestants

Melinda Doolittle

America’s favorite funny valentine Melinda does little to disappoint. Week to week, the songstress has commanded the stage, blowing the judges away with her performances. Originally, Doolittle aspired to be an “Idol” backup singer but the audience is thankful the powerhouse stepped into the spotlight instead. The Memphis music major’s charm and modesty has won Simon over and it’s likely she’ll win over many more fans. (Fox)
Jordin Sparks

In that Darwinian struggle that is the Internet, Jordin Sparks has clearly come out ahead. The curly-haired singer’s fansites are legion and she has racked up a laundry list of previous talent competition wins. In the PR game, Sparks has the others licked. But how will her voice go over on the “Idol” queen-makers? Judge Simon has likened her to a cup of too-sweet coffee, but Judge Randy, one of her staunchest defenders, told Entertainment Weekly, “Curly hair will win this year.” (Fox)