Fashionably late

Hi, my name is Shayna, and I'm the fashion-conscious reality TV junkie.

I'm as surprised as anyone that it took me so long to check out Bravo's "Project Runway." Talented unknown designers, aspiring models, clothes, catwalks — it's more fun than my first home-ec class, in which I made an impressive drawstring denim shoulder bag, I'll have you know. Fortunately, there are reality TV tipsters everywhere, including a très fashionable new friend (and fellow winner of that coveted high school senior "best-dressed" honor) who urged me to tune in before it's too late. Thank you, Don!

Reality redux

"Project Runway"
Wed., 9 p.m., Bravo
Twelve designers have descended upon Manhattan intent on wowing some of the industry's biggest names so they can make a name for themselves. They face killer challenges — from creating an outfit using only $50 worth of supplies they can find at a grocery store to fashioning a model's dream wedding dress in only two days' time — and pressure-filled judging panels that are refreshingly devoid of personal attacks and petty put-downs.

Not sure if this is your bag? Consider that there's plenty of eye candy (thanks to supermodel host Heidi Klum and the always leggy runway shows) and a whole lot of drama, thanks to the series' stars, those eccentric, temperamental, simply fabulous creative types.

"The Bachelorette"
Mon., 9 p.m., ABC
As much as ABC expected "Bachelor" alum Jen Schefft to be the natural star of her own dating search, the season so far has been all Fabrice all the time. The nutty Frenchman has stolen the show (though not quite Jen's heart) by being at once charming and obnoxious, funny and just plain foul. After he swooped in for a grotesque tongue-fest with our fair-haired maiden on last week's episode, I thought "Frenchy" (as his competitors have nicknamed him) was getting a one-way ticket back to Paris. But media-savvy Jen is keeping him around a bit longer (ratings, my friends, ratings), in spite of his lack of savoir faire.

The remaining suitors are a far cry from their tactless Euro counterpart. In fact, they are a decidedly all-American bunch. There's 25-year-old entrepreneur John Paul, mature for his age and with good old-fashioned heartland values, to boot (he's from Oklahoma, after all). There's 28-year-old nice-guy Ryan, a happy-go-lucky teacher from Manhattan Beach. And smilin' Ben, a 26-year-old ski instructor from Aspen (wouldn't you be smiling if you were a ski instructor from Aspen?). Plus Wendell, the only remaining guy who's reached his 30s! His confidence — and home address (like Jen, he lives in Chicago) — may well take him to the end with Jerry. Oh, Jerry. That handsome, charming, man's man from L.A. (who knew?) who has Jen's heart all aflutter. No wonder.


Finale, WB
I know you can't admit it in public, but you're dying to know which co-ed our Big Man on Campus chose to be his collegiate queen. Without me, your resident reality TV fan cum masochist, you'd be hard-pressed to get the information you so desire. Well, without further ado: Matt's "soul mate" is 18-year-old blonde beauty Michaela. After a romantic overnight getaway in a cozy beach shack, the two seemed destined to be "2-gether 4-ever." Even an equally romantic overnight getaway with sexy Alexandra couldn't sway Matt's heart (although he didn't seem to have any trouble hopping into a hot bubble bath with the poor girl, who he rejected the very next day).

Ah, young love. Isn't it grand?

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