Feedback: Clint Eastwood at 91 and Larry Elder-nomics

Clint Eastwood wearing a cowboy hat and blue denim shirt.
Clint Eastwood, 91, photographed with an 8x10-inch film camera on Sept. 2, 2021, on the grounds of his Tehama Golf Club in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Regarding Kenneth Turan’s “Movies Still Make His Day” [Sept. 12]: So Clint Eastwood doesn’t look as good at 91 as he did at 20?

Actually, no one looks as good as Eastwood did at 20.

Gita Endore
Los Angeles

To-dos for new Academy Museum

Regarding: “A Long-Delayed Debut” [by Josh Rottenberg, Sept. 12]: Last week in my mailbox I received a printed invitation to join the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and I threw it in the recyclable trash.

In an industry that was built by dedicated, self-respecting union labor, it seems to me the least the Academy Museum could do was find a union printer for the job — and for all their future printing.


Eric A. Gordon
Los Angeles


Regarding “That Glass Isn’t Gonna Clean Itself” [Sept. 12]: I kept looking for Deborah Vankin to reference what wages the window washers receive who risk life and limb to clean the Academy’s windows on their spiffy new building, but no.

I’ll bet architect Renzo Piano never thought once about how ridiculous, not to mention risky for the maintenance crew, his building would be, and I’ll bet South Shore Building Services is turning a nice profit.

Couldn’t the academy have approved a building design that celebrated the motion picture industry yet didn’t put hardworking “non-celebrity” window washers at risk?

Doesn’t L.A. already have enough buildings that do that?

Pat Lockwood
Laguna Beach


The organizers of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be interested to know that California now has an educational framework and standards for “Media Arts,” including filmmaking, video production, animation, visual effects and sound production, which will support its educational programs for K-12 students.

This will provide all students the valuable knowledge, skills and literacies needed in our media-rich economy and digitally connected society. Media arts educators look forward to working with the Academy toward fulfilling these standards.

Dain Olsen, National Coalition for Core Arts Standards
Los Angeles


Regarding David L. Ulin’s review “OK, Larry Elder, You Asked for it,” (Sept. 12): I hate to criticize a USC colleague, particularly one who has written 10 books, but English Professor Ulin appears to have skipped training in economics.


Larry Elder’s understanding of how price systems operate, that prices measure scarcity and signal us how to prioritize consumption, in no way implies that Elder considers people children “unable to act responsibly on their own.”

Elder considers people self-interested and boundedly rational, which they are. His position that nanny-state efforts to override markets infantilize the governed by precluding decision makers’ responses to prices is consistent with his position that government lacks the information needed to manage scarcity.

There is no irony here for Elder to embrace. Professor Ulin is not connecting the dots.

James E. Moore II
Los Angeles


David Ulin is a gift to conservatives. His column on Larry Elder proves our arguments of liberal bias.

Paul Barich

It’s time for TV listings

You discontinued the TV listings in the paper well over a year ago. Please don’t tell me to “look it up online.” If I wanted to do that, why would I bother subscribing to the L.A. Times?

That’s not an acceptable solution. There’s no excuse for not having TV listings printed any longer.

It’s the beginning of the year’s season of new programing and you really don’t want to upset viewers by having them find out that their favorite or interesting new series has already run two or three episodes before they find out about it.


Bruce Lazarus
Woodland Hills