‘Building Seagram’
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Christopher Hawthorne’s best architecture moments of 2013

‘Building Seagram’
Phyllis Lambert’s book on the great Mies tower is a rare attempt to blend memoir with rigorous architectural history. (Yale University Press)
Among other benefits, New York’s bike-share system is great for 2-wheeled architecture tours. Too bad L.A.'s is stalled. (Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images)
Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan
A zoning blueprint without parking requirements? In Los Angeles? I hope this catches on. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)
‘Everything Loose Will Land’
Most (only?) daring exhibition of Getty’s Pacific Standard Time Presents series also had finest catalog.

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4 World Trade Center
Fumihiko Maki’s elegant design somehow emerged from the WTC rebuilding process with its charisma intact. (Jin Lee / Bloomberg)
Cars and NIMBYs alike have been vanquished in Spike Jonze’s mesmerizing L.A. of the near future, replaced by subways, skinny towers.

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‘Invisible Cities’
Opera based on Calvino novel let audience members roam through Union Station and see its architecture from a new POV.

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‘Never Built Los Angeles’
Curators Greg Goldin, Sam Lubell captured L.A.'s rising nostalgia for the days we dreamed bigger civic dreams.

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Steve McQueen at Schaulager
Show on artist-filmmaker in museum by Herzog + de Meuron was best art-architecture combo I saw all year. (Tom Bisig / Schaulager)
Women in Design
Harvard group launched petition to give Denise Scott Brown a Pritzker — and overdue discussion on gender, collaboration.

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Worst of 2013:
Tempted of course to say MOCA’s “A New Sculpturalism.” But losing Goldberg’s Prentice and Astrodome vote were bigger blows.

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