Best display of anatomy
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Pictures: 2012 Oscars -- the best and worst moments

Hello, I am Angelina Jolie and this is my right leg. (Getty)
The Twitter feeds @AngiesRightLeg and @jlosnipple. (Getty)
In character as the Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen spills “Kim Jong Il’s ashes” on E! host Ryan Seacrest. Some called it inappropriate, but we enjoy anything that takes Seacrest down a peg. (Getty)
ABC’s downright awful pre-show team. Tim Gunn, how many times can you call a woman “breathtaking” and ask, “What’s your secret?” (Getty)
Doggie bowtie! (Getty)
How’d Billy Crystal do his ninth time as Oscars host? One of his first jokes involved saying that “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” is how old people watch the show. It didn’t get much better from there. Side note: Bonus points to whoever can recite a lyric from Crystal’s oddly intelligible monologue song. (Getty)
Somewhere, Roberto Benigni is smiling about Best Actor winner Jean Dujardin’s exuberance. (Getty)
The Best Original Score winner for “The Artist,” Ludovic Bource, sort of creeped us out when he said, “And to all of you, please accept me because I’ve got so much love to give. I’ve got so much love to give to you.” (Getty)
Meryl Streep gonna get you drunk, Octavia Spencer! (Reuters)
Thank you, Oscars, for letting us know what Grammy-winner Esperanza Spalding is up to. She sang beautifully during the “In Memoriam” segment. (Los Angeles Times)
The “movies are awesome” montage. Can we retire both the “I’ll have what she’s having” and “You can’t handle the truth!” scenes from montages from this point on? (Castle Rock)
Christopher Plummer, 82, finally wins an Oscar ¿ and looks dashing doing so. (Los Angeles Times)
Why weren’t there more Muppet moments? Giving 20 seconds to an unfunny bit with Kermit and Miss Piggy introducing Cirque du Soleil seemed very shortsighted. (Reuters)
We have always wondered what a dance interpretation of the crop-duster scene from “North by Northwest” would look like. Thanks for clearing that up. (Reuters)
The delightfully quirky Emma Stone showed how to effortlessly get a laugh playing off straight-man-for-once Ben Stiller. (Los Angeles Times)
Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow’s beyond awkward and very confusing “I’m filming a movie right now!” skit. Once again, the comedic stylings of Paltrow fail. (Getty)
Nick Nolte, are you under there? (McClatchy-Tribune)