Best & Worst of SAG


Best mobster makeover: James Gandolfini
Looking svelte(r) and refreshed, with an attractive stubble/beard hybrid and a sleek white tie, James Gandolfini took the stage to accept the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.

Hungriest stare: Anna Paquin
Did anybody else catch Ms. Paquin eyeing James Gandolfini like he was a juicy filet mignon?

Most sorely in need of a Xanax: Debra Messing
Stunning as she was in her Oscar de la Renta, Debra Messing looked nervous and wooden while reading the teleprompter. What happened to loose and kooky Grace Adler?


Method acting award: Vanessa Williams
Was that Vanessa Williams presenting up there, or Wilhelmina Slater ? Oozing sensuality, with a killer outfit and poise to spare, Williams was a dead ringer for her character on “Ugly Betty.”

Worst Awards Show Etiquette (Part I): Casey Affleck
Hey, Casey Affleck, we know you were nominated for an award, and that’s swell, but lets not get too cocky just yet. Did you really need to chew gum on the red carpet? And during the show?

Worst Awards Show Etiquette (Part II): Justin Chambers
And, Justin Chambers, we know that the “Grey’s Anatomy” kids are the cool kids, but what was with the sunglasses? Until Nicholson is penning his own “Bucket List”, nobody else gets to sport shades inside.

McSmarmiest man in the room: Eric Dane
He had a lot of competition for this award, but Eric Dane took home the smarm-award, for looking just plain delighted to be him.

Most underappreciated: Tina Fey
When she won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series, Tina Fey gave the only funny speech of the evening. Fey thanked Alec Baldwin, saying that watching him act with her was “like watching Fred Astaire dance with a hat rack.” Yes, Fey was the hat rack. Funny, right? So, why no laughs, SAG-gers?

Happiest not to be wearing a mumu: Kate Flannery
She may play a dowdy drunk on “The Office”, but at the SAG Awards, Kate Flannery (aka Meredith Palmer) was anything but frumpy. Outfitted in a cleavage-baring gold number, Flannery showed her saucy side. Meow.

Classiest perplexed loser: Ellen Burstyn
When Ellen Burstyn lost the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries to Queen Latifah, Burstyn responded with a tidy golf clap.

ADD Award: Kate Hudson
“My dress is colorful! Opening envelopes is fun!” She waves to people in the audience and loses her train of thought, but Kate Hudson is so cute that nobody seems to mind.

Most unexpected presenter: Tom Cruise
Although we didn’t see him all night, Tom Cruise emerged at the end of the show to present the final award of the evening. To avoid the possibility of any legal action, we’re not going to mention the spaceship that was spotted idling outside the stage left door.