‘Welcome to the Rileys’ premiere
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‘Welcome to the Rileys’ premiere

Kristen Stewart ventures into the seedy world of stripping in her latest film, “Welcome to the Rileys.” The actress, posing at the Cinema Society screening in New York, plays Mallory, a Baton Rouge dancer who allows a grieving father to crash at her pad. (Peter Kramer / Associated Press)
James Gandolfini, pictured here with Kristen Stewart, plays Doug, who finds his marriage in shambles after the death of his daughter. (Peter Kramer / Associated Press)
Oscar nominee Melissa Leo portrays Doug’s wife in the film. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Danny DeVito arrives at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
James Woods poses with his girlfriend Ashley Madison on the red carpet. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
“Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks at the premiere afterparty. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
James Gandolfini’s “Sopranos” co-star Tony Sirico arrives on the scene. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
“Friday Night Lights” star Alicia Witt smiles for the cameras. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
“The City’s” Olivia Palermo attends the New York screening. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)
Stewart snuggles up to director Jake Scott at the premiere afterparty. (Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)