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Mixed Martial Arts goes to the movies

“For me as an action director, it’s where action filmmaking is going,” says Donnie Yen, left, battling Louis Koo in Hong Kong’s “Flash Point.” (Mandarin Films Distribution)
According to “Redbelt” producer Chrisann Verges, director David Mamet felt compelled to set the movie, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, within MMA because of his personal involvement with jujitsu. The 60-year-old Oscar nominee is an accomplished martial artist. (Lorey Sebastian / Sony Pictures Classics)
“Never Back Down’s” writer, Chris Hauty, said he felt fortunate to be an early responder to MMA’s sudden mass appeal. “I couldn’t believe there were so few attempts to set a film in this world,” Hauty said. “In any subject, there’s only a limited number of stories to tell. So when there’s the inevitable movie featuring an MMA master being blasted off to Planet X, you’ll know the ground is too well tilled.” (Gene Page / Summit Entertainment)