Seacrest: American Idol Season 5 Finale - Show
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Ryan Seacrest: Life in pictures

Seacrest: American Idol Season 5 Finale - Show
Ryan is everywhere

After numerous TV and radio appearances, Ryan was chosen to host “American Idol.” He also took over Casey Kasem’s radio program, inherited Rick Dees’ morning show, and teamed up with his idol, Dick Clark, to host his New Year’s Eve special. Leave some jobs for the rest of us, Seacrest! (Vince Bucci / Getty Images)
Seacrest Emmy

In April 2006, he won a Daytime Emmy. (Patrick Ecclesine / Fox)
Ryan Seacrest - Host Emmy Awards
Is he or isn’t he?

From his diminutive stature to his immaculate grooming, Ryan is a magnet for mockery. He claims to be 5’9”, yet some speculate that he’s closer to 5’5”. Also, his perfectly coiffed hair, bleached teeth and tanned skin have led many to question his sexuality. Still, Ryan insists he’s straight. According to Stuff magazine, he’s “the American poster boy for metrosexuality.” (Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)