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Blake Lively posts possibly the most enviable breastfeeding photo ever

Blake Lively

Blake Lively breastfeeds by a lake — and shares the moment in a post on Instagram.

(Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)

Blake Lively's gonna breastfeed when Blake Lively wants to breastfeed. Occasionally, we get to find out about it.

As she did during an interview with the Los Angeles Times earlier this year, Lively had one of those public moments on Thursday.

"The PERKS of breastfeeding," a bikini-clad Mrs. Ryan Reynolds wrote, posting a gorgeous vacation-type shot featuring — we presume — her baby James located discreetly out of camera range during mealtime.

Lively described breast-feeding as "a full-time job" in an interview with Allure conducted during promotion of the movie "Age of Adaline." "I'm, like, driving down the road, pumping," she explained.

Indeed, in the interview with The Times, published in April, Lively had greeted reporter Amy Kaufman with one free hand while, with the other one, she was "cradling her swaddled newborn, who nurses at her chest."

"She sits down on a couch, props a pillow on her lap and continues breast-feeding," Kaufman wrote. "She acts as if it's not a big deal — having her baby here, in this hotel room with us — but it kind of feels like seeing a unicorn. The actress and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, have been secretive with the press about their daughter."

Seems that the five-minute breaks allowed between junket interviews weren't nearly enough time to answer the call of baby James, who was born in December. "I wish my child adhered by the Lionsgate press schedule," the actress said.

She also requested a favor: That Kaufman not describe the baby in her story.

"Thanks for that," Lively said. "Please don't describe my areolas, either."

Gracefully, Thursday's Instagram image continued to keep that last part secret as well.

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