Not so fast! Cindy Crawford isn’t retiring ... yet

Supermodel Cindy Crawford clarifies remarks that indicated she would be retiring when she turns 50 this month.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford clarifies remarks that indicated she would be retiring when she turns 50 this month.

(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Supermodel Cindy Crawford set the record straight on Monday, explaining that she didn't plan to walk away from modeling soon despite what you may have read online ... or in an in-flight magazine.

She of the signature mole, who turns 50 on Feb. 20, took to Instagram to clarify remarks she made in United Airlines' Hemispheres Rhapsody magazine -- remarks that said she was ready to "move on" from modeling.

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"Headlines don't always tell the whole story. Thanks for the love everyone — but more here," the brunet beauty tweeted, before sending followers to her Instagram page where she made her updated declarations alongside a sultry portrait.

"Every year, I tell my kids I'm retiring. It's a running joke in our family. And yet every year, opportunities pop up that really excite me," the mother of two wrote on the photo-sharing site. "While it's true that I'm eager to shift my focus a bit to concentrate on my businesses, friends and family — I'm not making any final statements (not all headlines tell the whole story!)."

Crawford continued: "I have loved being part of the fashion industry for the past 30 years — and if that time has taught me anything, it's this: never say never. Thanks for all the support, I'm so excited for what 2016 holds! xo Cindy"

Crawford has appeared in numerous ad campaigns, twice on the cover of Playboy, walked the high-fashion runways, made history with a legendary Pepsi Super Bowl spot, created workout videos and starred in George Michael's "Freedom" music video. Prince titled a song after her, and present-day "It" girls proudly wear her name on sweatshirts. She also made a cameo in Taylor Swift's star-studded "Bad Blood" music video. In the Hemispheres interview, the decades-long cover girl touted her new book, "Becoming," which encompasses much of that and marks her milestone birthday and, the mag said, to "say goodbye to her days as a model."

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"Or maybe not say goodbye. But but move on," Crawford said in the interview. "I had no idea that the book would be part of the journey. I feel like I'm allowing that to have been great, and I'm celebrating it. And I'm sure I'll have my picture taken for 10 more years, but not as a model anymore. And that's OK. I've done it. I've worked with all these incredible photographers. What else do I need to do? I can't keep reinventing myself. I shouldn't have to keep proving myself. I don't want to."

Crawford has continued her work as a model but has moved on to promoting her Meaningful Beauty skincare products and Cindy Crawford Home lines. She's also passed the torch to her lookalike daughter, Kaia, 15, who has appeared in a few fashion campaigns and signed with IMG Models in July.

As for what the future holds, last September Crawford told the Los Angeles Times that she's not "letting it go" just yet.

"When I'm doing a shoot for my furniture line, I'm getting my picture taken and that's modeling. But it's different. The next chapter is the businesses I'm working on.... And I also like championing other people," she said. "The beginning of my career, it was like, you're a model, they say 'put this on' and you do it. Then I got to develop my own businesses and projects, and now I like partnering with or being involved with projects that are less ego-centric but still interesting, or that I can add something to because you do learn a lot over the years. Also, my kids will be gone before I know it, so over the next five years I want to focus on helping them."

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