Heidi Klum ambushed by topless women during ‘Top Model’ finale

Heidi Klum, left, stands with Lovelyn Enebechi during the finale of "Germany's Next Top Model."
Heidi Klum, left, stands with Lovelyn Enebechi during the finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model.”
(Uli Deck / AFP/Getty Images)
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Heidi Klum saw quite a bit of female flesh during the finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model” when topless feminist protesters stormed the runway during the finale of the modeling competition show, for which she serves as host.

Two topless women took the stage just as Klum announced that “Model” contender Lovelyn Enebechi had won the competition Thursday.

The women, who hailed from German feminist group FEMEN, had words scrawled on their nude torsos saying “Heidi Horror Picture Show” and “Sadistic” when they abruptly made their protest in Manheim in southern Germany.


They were quickly escorted offstage by security, with Klum looking unfazed by the ambush, according to Us Weekly and the New York Daily News.

Producers of the live broadcast edited around the interruption, but Klum was heard telling the crowd, “I have just been seeing boobies in front of me. Too bad it happened at this special moment!” Us Weekly said.

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FEMEN, which fights for women to be treated as equals, has protested in a similar fashion at other events. It is the same group that protested the opening of Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse Experience in Berlin earlier this month, claiming that the attraction objectified women.

The group took to its Facebook page, which is definitely not safe for work browsing, to post photos of the incident and explain the “sekstremists’” disruption of the broadcast in a post called “Stop Heidi pimp-show.”

“The program format is pimp-show where world-famous supermodel Heidi Klum plays the role of ‘mom’ and forms a bevy of underage girls to fashion-fools,” it said, calling Klum a “fashion-fascious ideologist of the show.”


“FEMEN regards the fashion industry as an element of pimp business and has consistently opposed the commercialization of the female body,” the statement said. “Every year the fashion business millstones grind hundreds of thousands of girls, promoting the brilliance and richness of modeling career, forcing women to false ideals, provoking a real disease. Fooled by fashion propoganda, failed by fashion models, women regularly join the ranks of sex workers, and psychiatric patients. Stop the fashion business! Stop Prostitution! The true mission of a woman is a revolution!!”

Klum, 39, remained mum about the incident on her Twitter account, instead giving shout-outs to the winner and the finale’s musical guests, Psy, Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars. She also posted pics with Enebechi onstage and, later, of herself on a flight with Mars.

[For the record, 3:29 p.m. June 2: A previous version of this post said Klum was 49. She was 39 at the time of the incident and has since turned 40.]


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