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Watch: Lupita Nyong’o’s safari hair-care trick (Spoiler: It involves a steamer)

Kenyan actress and director Lupita Nyong'o Mexico uses cleverly uses a steamer to maintain her hair.
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Lupita Nyong'o isn't actually steaming her hair in an Instagram video where she pretty much appears to be steaming her hair.

The fashionable Oscar winner embraced all sorts of vacation goals during her enviable Kenyan homecoming. Nyong'o partnered with WildAid, an international conservation organization, to advocate for elephant conservation and also worked on the Ivory Free campaign, women's issues and acting and the arts efforts in her native nation.

Traveling with a full-blown glam squad, the oh-so-elegant star topped off her adventures with a throwback video reminiscing about her industrious beauty rituals while out in the desert, specifically setting a clothing steamer to her shortly cropped locks.

In all fairness, Nyong'o was actually using the built-in spritzing mechanism to dampen her tresses, not taming her mane with piping-hot water vapor.

"My #tbt is a Hair tip from the infinitely talented @vernonfrancois: when you go #glamping and you forgot your spray bottle, an iron can come in very handy... #multipurposehouseholdappliances #Kenya #Amboseli #Safariglam #thisiscalledcreativity #dontturniton," the 32-year-old wrote, hashtagging some very important facts in her caption.

So the Lancome ambassadress' stylist didn't turn the steamer on, and thankfully they didn't attempt the treachery of using a clothing iron to straighten her hair (yeah, that's a thing too).

However, hair steaming is indeed a real practice that purports to enhance moisture retention, make hair softer and stimulate growth in relaxed manes. For those intrigued by the method, here's a list of do's and don'ts.

And if hair care isn't your thing, maybe some adorable portraits of Lupita posing with friends and elephants are.

Tea in the savannah. #anytimeisteatime #MaasaiMara. Photo by Nick Barose. @dilokritbarose

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#glamsquad on safari. #sunglassesonfleek #wheninKenyacanya @dilokritbarose @vernonfrancois

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