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Scenes from ‘In The Shadow Of The Moon’

British film director David Sington takes a look back at the political, scientific and morale-building importance of the Apollo lunar missions with the documentary “In the Shadow of the Moon.” (Mark Boster / LAT)
Many of Apollo’s nine surviving astronauts were interviewed for the film, which seeks to reveal the heretofore untold tales of their lunar expeditions. (Coutesy of NASA / THINKFilm)
Footage includes President Richard Nixon greeting the crew of Apollo 11, which flew in July 1969. (Coutesy of NASA / THINKFilm)
The film also documents behind-the-scenes efforts that made the landings possible. The astronauts, director David Sington says, “all feel lucky to have the extraordinary experience and recognize they couldn’t have done it without 400,000 other Americans working on the Apollo project.” (Coutesy of NASA / THINKFilm)
In making the documentary, director David Sington says he hopes to shed light on the crews’ experiences. “There wasn’t really a film out there that looked at things from the astronauts’ perspectives,” he said. “To me, it was just an obvious thing that needed to be done. It was irresistible.” (Coutesy of NASA / THINKFilm)