Young Indiana Jones
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Exploring ‘Young Indiana Jones’

For George Lucas, the Indiana Jones adventure goes on and on. Sure, there’s the coming feature film, but he has also been at work repackaging and enhancing his early-1990s television series, “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” in which Corey Carrier played Indy at age 9. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
In the television series, young Indiana Jones’ adventures took him around the world and put him in the company of historical figures. For authenticity, filming crews were sent, through the years, to 35 countries. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
George Lucas hoped the series would be a sort of history tutorial. Among the towering figures to be depicted was Albert Schweitzer, played by Friedrich von Thun. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
A number of future stars appeared in the series, including Jeffrey Wright, right, portraying jazz great Sidney Bechet. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Theodore Roosevelt, as portrayed by James Gammon, was seen in the series. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
The series wasn’t all history lesson; it was an action adventure as well. Still, George Lucas today laments: “It didn’t matter how many times I said it was a coming-of-age series about a young boy’s exploration of history, people still expected to see that rolling boulder.” (Paramount Home Entertainment)
On the right, another future star: Daniel Craig. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
In some adventures, Sean Patrick Flanery portrayed Indiana Jones at ages 16 to 19. Other times, the still younger Indy was seen. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Famous face quiz. Who is this? Answer: Anne Heche. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Another future star to pass through the series was Elizabeth Hurley, playing the daughter of a London suffragette. “She just lit up, it was amazing to see her in that performance,” recalls film crew leader Rick McCallum. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
When young Indy met T.E. Lawrence, Catherine Zeta-Jones was on hand as a belly-dancing spy. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Some of the faces were already famous when they appeared in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” Among the notables: Vanessa Redgrave. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Here, an appearance by Christopher Lee. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Before “Ally McBeal,” Jane Krakowski appeared in an episode of “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Daniel Craig passed through the series, showing off the dashing looks that today serve him in his portrayal of James Bond. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Today, Jeffrey Wright holds a Tony and an Emmy award for “Angels in America.” Perhaps less remembered: his “Young Indiana Jones” turn as jazz saxophonist Sidney Bechet. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Pablo Picasso, as portrayed by Daniel Webb, was part of a “Young Indiana Jones” story. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
The young Norman Rockwell was played by Lukas Haas, center. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, portrayed by Roger Slomanin, was encountered too. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
A “Young Indiana Jones” brush with greatness: Winston Churchill, as played by Julian Fellowes, right. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
“The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” exploring the wilds of Africa. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Filmmaker John Ford, as played by Stephen Caffrey, doing what he did so well. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
China’s Great Wall is paid a visit by “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” (Paramount Home Entertainment)
An introspective moment with Jiddu Krishnamurti, played by Hemanth Rao, left, in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” (Paramount Home Entertainment)
“Young Indiana Jones” traveled the world, including Africa. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
George Lucas, second from right, on location with, from left: costar Sean Patrick Flanery, guest Elizabeth Hurley, producer Rick McCallum and guest Vanessa Redgrave. Repackaged as “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones,” the television series is being released in volumes that contain many extras, including documentaries about the historical figures young Indy encountered. Volume 1 is headed to stores. (Paramount Home Entertainment)