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‘City of God’

The 2002 film “City of God” depicted virtual combat conditions in a Rio de Janeiro favela, or shantytown, in the 1980s. Widely seen, the film gave many non-Brazilians their first glimpse of life inside these slums. (Miramax Films)
“City of God” is narrated by a character, played by Alexandre Rodrigues, who has grown up in the violent neighborhood. He sees things differently than others, a talent he turns to good use as a photographer. (Miramax Films)
The carefree joys of childhood don’t last long in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood depicted in “City of God.” Douglas Silva, left, and Michel de Souza Gomes portray two of the story’s youngsters. (Miramax Films)
The 2002 movie “City of God” was transformed into a television series called “City of Men.” The series featured Douglas Silva, left, and Darlan Cunha. (Sundance Channel)
The 2002 documentary-like film “City of God,” with a cast that included Alexandre Rodrigues and Alice Braga, called attention to life in a Rio de Janeiro favela, a shantytown not far from the city’s tourist-destination beaches. Once the world had seen Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund’s picture, the country’s culture clashes were more difficult to ignore. (Miramax Films)