Jim Carrey’s JimCarrey.com
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PHOTOS: The best, worst and just plain weird celebrity websites

Jim Carrey’s JimCarrey.com
Though the eyes may be the window to the soul, a celebrity’s website is undoubtedly a digital screen into the psyche. It’s no surprise then that Jim Carrey‘s newly redesigned website features an interactive, psychedelic wonderland, full of darkly whimsical landscapes, mischievous characters and cavernous wormholes.

Did you know? If you’re fast enough to catch him, the pop-up character with antlers (on the main page and elsewhere) will lead you to candid photos of Carrey with friends and fellows celebs. (jimcarrey.com)
Jeff Bridges’ JeffBridges.com
A clear labor of love, Bridges’ up-to-date website is written in his own hand (or at least appears to be) along with a series of drawings that help guide the user to his latest projects and favorite charities.

Don’t miss his personal photography collection. His album of “Iron Man” shots is our favorite, a true behind-the-scenes look at Robert Downey Jr., Stan Winston and, once in a while, even himself. (www.jeffbridges.com)
Tom Cruise’s TomCruise.com
In true Tom Cruise fashion, the actor’s personal website launches with a promotional video highlighting his many years in the biz with everything from “Risky Business” to “Mission Impossible.” You won’t find any pictures of Katie or the kids on Tom’s blog or his personal views on hot-button issues. Nope, instead it’s a mostly a series of staff-written posts about his career and his past films. Bummer.

Don’t miss the timeline. Clicking through to the individual films in the timeline gains you access to old stills from movies such as “Top Gun” and “Cocktail.” It’s definitely worth a look. (www.tomcruise.com)
Britney Spears’ BritneySpears.com
BritneySpears.com used to be nothing but a half-naked picture of Britney with white gloves and an “under construction” sign that was up while Miss Spears was, um, out of emotional, mental, physical sorts. But with a No. 1 single in “3,” a new greatest-hits album and a booming tour, both the singer and her website -- which is now in blog form -- are in tip-top form. Find feeds for her Twitter, her Facebook and up-to-the-minute news on all things Britney.

Don’t miss: seeing your own comments to the news posts on the right-hand rail of the site. (BritneySpears.com)
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.com
If Martha Stewart was younger, hipper and didn’t eat meat, her website might look like Gwyneth’s Goop.com. But Gwyn isn’t limited to entertaining advice -- though her latest “Go” update is a list of L.A.'s best high- and low-end eats. She just posted some handy advice about investment from a couple of bankers, a money coach and an accountant; a fall and winter fashion guide from Vanity Fair contributing editor Elizabeth Saltzman; and essays written by male friends of Gwyn’s in response to the question “What does it take to sustain a happy and successful relationship/marriage?”

Don’t miss: Gwyn’s Barcelona highlights. Even if you can’t get there, you can live vicariously through her. (Goop.com)
Richard Hatch’s RichardHatch.com
Thanks to RichardHatch.com, we now know that the original “Battlestar Galactica” star has apparently branched into the motivational-speaker industry, as the creator of “Breakthrough Success Bootcamp.” In the “insights” section, the actor shares his self-help philosophies, like this metaphysical thought nugget, “The more energy we can access and produce, and the more specifically we can mobilize and focus it, the more power we have; the power to create our heart’s desire.”

Did you know? Hatch also is an author, and the website sells all five of his “Battlestar Galactica"-themed books -- autographed, of course. (ritchardhatch.com)
Rosie O’Donnell’s Rosie.com
Of the many bizarre celebrity blogs out there, Rosie O’Donnell’s R Blog is certainly one of the most baffling, as the former daytime-TV star treats us to her haiku-like musings, written like a junior-high texting addict: “i choose 2 see u / as this AND / i will show -- proof / it will test all.” Deep, Rosie, very deep.

Don’t miss: the “Ask Ro” sections, where Rosie doles out sage advice such as “evryone farts honey.” (Rosie.com spelling) (rosie.com)
Prince’s LotusFlow3r.com
Prince eluded many Web surfers with LotusFlow3r.com, launched in March of 2009 to promote his new albums and upcoming tour. As gorgeous and esoteric as the Purple One himself, the website offered its members access to his new albums, concert tickets, photographs and music videos. Of course, to sign up for membership, fans had to figure out the site’s riddle first, by combining clues from the flickering TV, the radio and the flying ticket stub.

Helpful hint: Don’t get trapped by the glowing purple orb! Simply navigating away from it will return you to the site’s complete mise-en-scène(lotusflow3r.com)
Frankie Avalon’s FrankieAvalon.com
Among the many ways there are to waste one’s time on the Internet, checking out what Frankie Avalon is up to seems pretty low on the priority totem pole. Yet, there it is, FrankieAvalon.com, a complete source for all things Avalon, including his tour schedule, an extensive video-clip collection, and biography. The best part is the Frankie Avalon store, where Avalon’s signature tanning lotion and Zero Pain arthritis cream are for sale.

Don’t miss: the “Avalon News” section, where the website’s content producer felt the need to post the MTV article titled, “Who Is Frankie Avalon and Why Was He on ‘American Idol.’ ” If the online majority has to ask, Frankie, maybe the Internet is not the best way to reach your fandom constituency. Maybe you should try telegraph. (frankieavalon.com)
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