‘Steve Jobs’ | 2015
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Aaron Sorkin’s most notable movies and TV shows

Michael Fassbender stars in "Steve Jobs,” written by Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin has penned (and produced) a string of notable productions. Here are a few:

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Jeff Daniels in the HBO original series “The Newsroom.”

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Brad Pitt, left, and Jonah Hill star in Columbia Pictures’ Oscar-nominated drama “Moneyball.”

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Aaron Sorkin wrote “The Social Network,” starring Jesse Eisenberg, left, and Joseph Mazzello.

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Tom Hanks, a cast member in “Charlie Wilson’s War,” arrives at the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles. Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay.

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Bradley Whitford, left, and Matthew Perry star in the NBC dramatic series “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

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Aaron Sorkin, right (foreground), on the set of “The West Wing.”

 (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

Executive producers Thomas Schlamme, left, and Aaron Sorkin, center, are joined by actor Bradley Whitford in 2001 as they celebrate their Emmys for "The West Wing.”

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Aaron Sorkin, center, screenwriter, on the set of “Sports Night” discussing a shot with actor Peter Krause (foreground, getting his makeup done), and actor William H. Macy.

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Sorkin wrote the play and screenplay for "A Few Good Men,” with Jack Nicholson, left, and Tom Cruise.

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