Michael Lohan
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Celebrity parents: embarrassing moments

Michael Lohan

Just hours after Lindsay Lohan’s most recent arrest debacle, her father was putting the word out that he wanted to help. He said all the right things: “I’m partly responsible for this” and “Our daughter clearly needs us right now.” Unfortunately, he said them in all the wrong places.

Does a responsible dad call up TMZ and take calls from E! Online right after his daughter is arrested for driving drunk? No. On the other hand, Michael has been ordered by the courts to keep away from his daughter, so communicating via the gossip blogs may be his best shot at getting a message to her. Here, he talks on “Larry King Live” on the night of the arrest. (Associated Press)
Mathew Knowles

Childhood friends Beyoncé Knowles, left, and LaTavia Roberson were the original core of what would eventually become Destiny’s Child, the top-selling R&B group that matured under the tutelage of Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew. Yet when Roberson and LeToya Luckett — another DC original — complained of favoritism and attempted to find some management other than their friend’s dad, they were simply replaced.

And their parting papers? Roberson and Luckett’s pink slip arrived in the form of the music video for “Say My Name,” which introduced the world to new Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin. Oh, and Franklin? She was fired five months after joining the group.

Perhaps there’s a reason the group was never called Destiny’s Children. (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Nancy Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, pictured, stopped speaking to her mother when Nancy granted an interview about her daughter to a tabloid television show. Nancy wasn’t even invited to Jen’s wedding to Brad Pitt. But the estrangement didn’t stop Nancy from capitalizing on her daughter’s fame. In 1999, she published “From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir” that was about how to cope with estrangement from an adult child. (Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT)
Virgie Arthur

When Anna Nicole Smith’s behavior reached a fever pitch last year, her mother went on CNN to denounce Smith for living a drug-fueled life. When Smith died a few months later, Arthur popped up in the media again to request that her daughter be buried in Texas. Then, when, there were questions about what to do with Smith’s baby daughter, Arthur decided she would be the best person to take care of the kid and pursued custody. (Getty Images)
Joe Simpson

It’s expected that a father be proud of his daughter’s marriage. But not so proud that he puts the newlyweds in front of MTV cameramen, even if she’s pop star Jessica Simpson and she’s wedded to wannabe pop star Nick Lachey. And while it’s certainly fair for him to be pleased with the way his daughter looks, it seemed a bit off when he talked about her double-D breast size to a magazine reporter.

Here, Joe is seen with his wife, Tina. (Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images)
Linda Carroll

Courtney Love became one of the most polarizing and controversial rock icons of the ‘90s. Apparently she was a little monster growing up, too.

We know that because we learned it from, guess who? You can read the full story in her mom’s book, “Her Mother’s Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love,” which was released to positive reviews last year. Carroll presented the book for pre-approval to everyone who was mentioned, except for Love; Carroll told The Times last year that her daughter had “not been accessible to have that kind of conversation for a long time.” (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Joseph Jackson

A former boxer and briefly a musician, Joseph Jackson struck gold when he discovered his children could sing, and the Jackson 5 were born.

What a nice marketing gimmick — and Saturday morning cartoon — a family band makes, as unrelated backing musicians were often identified as members of the extended Jackson family, and Michael’s age in the beginning seemed to vary depending on who was asked. But as the years went by, Joe saw each one of his sons and daughters going elsewhere for management, and faced continued accusations from his children of overbearing parenting that bordered on abusiveness. (Getty Images)
Christopher “Kit” Culkin

Back in the early ‘90s Macaulay Culkin, pictured, was Hollywood’s biggest child star, but it was his dad, Kit Culkin, who was known as the town’s biggest diva. A former stage actor who never hit the big time, Kit guided Macaulay’s career with an iron hand.

His power trip included director approval, getting his other children cast in Macaulay’s films, having scenes re-edited and, in one case, demanding that a voice-over be removed from a film. Then in the mid-'90s, he lost a custody battle with Macaulay’s mom, and the former “stage dad from hell” lost his infallible bargaining chip. Hollywood applauded. (United Artists)