Evan Rachel Wood / Drew Barrymore
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The future for child actors

Evan Rachel Wood / Drew Barrymore
As anyone who saw Marilyn Manson’s video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses” knows, the 19-year-old actress is kind of going through a rebellious phase right now. (She and the singer, nearly 20 years her senior, have graphic, blood-soaked sex in the video). But she may come around. Drew Barrymore was into being a bad girl when she was 19, and look at her now: reigning queen of the romantic comedy. (LAT / AP)
Hilary Duff / Melissa Joan Hart
The actress was a solid gold money-making machine as tween Lizzie McGuire, but her film ventures have mostly tanked. So unless her singing career takes off, young Duff seems to be heading down the Melissa Joan Hart path. She may keep working, but it will be in obscurity. (AP / Getty Images)
Lindsay Lohan / Elizabeth Taylor
Best case scenario Lindsay Lohan ends up like Elizabeth Taylor, another child star whose operatic life played out in the tabloids. At least Taylor has her diamonds and the adoration of the gays. Worst case scenario, Lohan ends up like Dana Plato from “Different Strokes.” Dead. (Getty Images / Warner Bros.)
Shia LaBeouf / Leonardo DiCaprio
Life is looking promising for this young actor who came of age on the family television show “Even Stevens.” Leonardo DiCaprio came of age on a television show too. Could LaBeouf follow in DiCaprio’s footsteps? Only time and Martin Scorsese will tell. (Getty Images / AP)
Raven Symone / Shirley Temple
Precocious and curly haired, Raven Symone grew up before our eyes on “The Cosby Show” and later on her show “That’s So Raven.” She’s currently pursuing a singing career, but if that doesn’t work out we think she should look at Shirley Temple’s post acting career. Symone has enough presence to handle herself in all sorts of diplomatic endeavors. (LAT / File)
Daniel Radcliffe / Mark Hamill
We can say for sure that after 2010, when the final “Harry Potter” film is completed, Daniel Radcliffe will never have to work another day in his life. What we can’t say is whether he’ll even be able to work another day in his life. Mark Hamill has had a tough time of it ever since his iconic turn as Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” films. Will Radcliffe suffer the same fate? (Warner Bros. / Lucasfilm)
Olsen Twins / Gabor Sisters
In 20 years nobody will remember the straight to video movies that earned the Olsen girls their kabillions--all we’ll know is that they are two of the richest 40-year-old women on the planet. Does anyone under the age of 50 remember the Gabor sisters’ films? Nope. We just know they’re rich and famous. (Getty Images / File)