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Hollywood Headlines: A crazy week in review

By Matthew Gibson, Times Staff Writer

Why, Morgan Freeman? Why?

A renowned Hollywood actor, director and narrator may have participated in a decade-long affair with a younger family member. No, it’s not Woody Allen this time. Morgan Freeman, 72, has allegedly been cheating on his wife of 25 years, Myrna Colley-Lee, with whom he is going through a bitter divorce, with his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines, according to the Enquirer. (Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images)
Just when you think Spencer and Heidi were gone for good ...
... they’re back. Even though they’ve left “I’m A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!” twice already, someone at NBC is letting Speidi back into the jungle. The couple most recently exited the show due to a sickness Heidi developed while in Costa Rica. How the network plans to explain their return -- it is allegedly a competition, after all -- is anyone’s guess. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)
Robert Pattinson named Vanity Fair’s ‘Most Handsome Man in the World’
The 270,000 voters who participated in the poll channeled their inner tweens and crowned the “Twilight” star the world’s most handsome man. Pattinson beat out other Hollywood pretty boys Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Clive Owen for the top spot. What does the winner get? A near-brush with death and a never-ceasing horde of raving ladies dogging his every step. What a lucky guy! (Jason Merritt / Getty Images)
Breaking news: Katherine Heigl returns for Season 6 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
The “Knocked Up” starlet will once again don her scrubs for Season 6 of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The last season ended in a cliffhanger in which Heigl’s character, Izzy Stevens, encounters complications during her cancer treatment and it is unclear whether or not she will survive. Guess the answer to that question just got a whole lot clearer(ABC)
She just won’t go away, Carrie Prejean threatens lawsuit
Prejean’s lawyer sent a letter to Miss California USA Executive Director Keith Lewis’ attorney threatening a lawsuit unless he cleared her name. According to the former pageant queen, Lewis made her appear uncooperative and hard to work with to the public. Uncooperative? That’s the least of it.  (Michael Loccisano / Getty Images)
Lauren Conrad reveals that Spencer didn’t really apologize after all
The “Hills” starlet told the women of “The View” that Spencer Pratt’s apologetic phone call during the May season finale was, well, fake. I’m not sure how Lauren expects the public to react. It’s like telling us that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist. (Charley Gallay / Getty Images)
Paramount greenlights fourth ‘Mission Impossible’ film
Let’s reminisce: In 2006, Summer Redstone, chairman of Paramount parent company Viacom, called Tom Cruise’s peculiar behavior -- jumping on Oprah’s chairs, perhaps? -- “unacceptable.” Three years later, the almighty dollar has prompted a change in Redstone’s tune and the studio is slating the film for a 2011 release with Cruise attached to star and produce. (Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images)
Emmy Awards make way for MTV’s Video Music Awards
CBS announced Wednesday that the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards will be presented on Sept. 20 instead of Sept. 13 -- the date it was originally scheduled for. The move was prompted by MTV scheduling the Video Music Awards for the same date. Cowering at the might of the VMA’s? People still watch music videos? (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Billy Joel calls it quits -- again
After five years, Billy Joel and his third wife, Katie Lee, have ended their marriage. Reports say the singer grew increasingly agitated about the amount of time Lee was spending with Israeli fashion designer Yigal Azrouel. Although Billy technically struck-out in three marriages, we’re thinking he’ll get a fourth swing. (Larry Busacca / Getty Images)
Sacha Baron Cohen promotes ‘Bruno’ dressed as a bull
Cohen has appeared now in Paris, London and Madrid to promote his new movie, each time sporting a new outfit more ridiculous than the last. In Madrid, he arrived by horse-drawn carriage, announcing to the Spanish crowd that his movie would “redress the wrongs done to the gay community by that Hollywood movie on Harvey Milk, which was acted by Sean Penn, who’s not even gay.” (Javier Soriano AFP / Getty Images)