Anne Heche disses her ex-husband on ‘Letterman’
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Hollywood Headlines: A crazy week in review

Anne Heche disses her ex-husband on ‘Letterman’
By Kate Stanhope

Heche spilled the beans to David Letterman that she can’t get rid of her “lazy” ex-husband. Anne, FYI, there are other ways to share these very personal sentiments with your ex-husband. This is why we have telephones! And blogs! And Twitter! (Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)
Heidi Montag performs on ‘Miss Universe’
“The Hills” star’s performance had many, many many flaws but we’ll give her one thing: She was smart enough to change her last name back from Pratt! Now if only she would learn to lose the boy who belongs to that name, we’d be making some real progress. (Andres Leighton / Associated Press)
‘Halloween II’ and ‘The Final Destination’ go head-to-head
The two horror franchises will battle for moviegoers this weekend at the box office. How will moviegoers know which film is right for them? Simple! Do you want to see good-looking young actors bludgeoned to death by a guy in a William Shatner mask or good-looking young actors getting eaten alive by an escalator? The choice is really up to you. (The Weinstein Co. / New Line Cinema)
Mischa Barton blames breakdown on bad dental surgery
If this was all over a painful wisdom tooth, we’d hate to see what happens when she has to have a root canal. Now those are the worst. (Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images)
TMZ unearths 2001 John Mayer mugshot
On Wednesday at 11:04 p.m., John Mayer took to his Twitter to dare TMZ’s Harvey Levin to find his 2001 mugshot, offering $25,000 to a charity of Levin’s choice. On Thursday at 4:30 p.m., Levin unearthed this treasure. Come on Johnny boy, you should know better than to ask a celebrity site like TMZ to find your mugshot. Just ask Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, James Brown... (Handout / Getty Images)
Megan Fox admits she prefers kissing girls
In a recent interview, Fox confessed that she feels “more comfortable” kissing girls. Thank goodness she spilled the beans. We’ve spent years trying to figure out why she was with Brian Austin Green(Getty Images / Fox)
Kate Gosselin tells Larry King she’s ‘lonely’
Gosselin appeared on “Larry King Live” Tuesday night and said now that she and Jon have parted ways, she’s lonely. In response, King did what any out-of-touch TV show host desperate for sparks would do. He brought on Kathie Lee Gifford to give Gosselin advice! Will no one give this poor woman a break? (Richard Drew / AP)
‘Seinfeld’ reunites on the cover of EW
This cover is pretty “spectacular.” But where’s Newman?! (Entertainment Weekly)
Chris Brown gets jiggy after getting sentenced
After being sentenced to five years probation and 180 days of community labor, Brown was seen dancing and partying in a Hollywood club hours later. Let’s not judge Brown too harshly. He might as well enjoy getting down and dirty in a club before he’s stuck getting down and dirty on the side of a Virginia highway picking up trash. (Rich Loomis, AFP/Getty Images)
‘Twilight’ stars leave fans hanging at convention
Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene pulled out of a planned appearance at a “Twilight” convention in New Jersey two days before the pricey convention was set to begin. Wherever Lutz and Greene end up this weekend, we only hope they keep low profiles. Angering those crazy “Twilight” fans is never, ever a good idea. (Getty Images / AP)